A tailored structural calculation
for stacked concrete blocks

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  • Always including structural calculation and report
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Flexible building

Building with concrete blocks is
affordable, sustainable and flexible
in comparison to concrete walls which
are poured on a building site.

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Online calculation

A structural calculation that
demonstrates the safety of a
stacked wall of concrete blocks.

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We are Betonblockdesign, an online platform where users and suppliers of concrete blocks
and concrete moulds can request structural advice. Our insightful calculations provide
assurance and structural safety for suppliers and contractors as well as for users when
it comes to structural integrity.

Our structural engineers are more than willing to give you advice about the design of your
bulk storage structure making it safe and reliable.



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  • Pricing starts at € 300 for a basic
    calculation, exclusive of VAT.
  • Always including a structural
    calculation and report
  • Expert and independent
    structural advice
  • Tailored structural advice
    for your situation
  • Suitable for submission to the
    Building Control Department
  • Extra calculations are possible
    if tailor-made advice is requested